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What is a Mortgage Broker?

A Mortgage Broker is a Registered or Authorised Financial Adviser who, on your behalf, finds a suitable home loan bank or lender to meet your goals or needs. They then work between you, the customer, and the bank/lender to obtain finance and carry this through to settlement.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

We take the time and hassle out of shopping around for the right home loan and then guide you through the home loan process with expert advice from beginning to beyond settlement.

If you wanted to find the best deal or bank to meet your needs, imagine going from bank to bank. You will be more than likely have to arrange an appointment to suit you and the bank, be required to complete different application forms, provide the necessary documents which vary from bank to bank, and then explain your financial situation again and again.

With a Mortgage Broker, you will only have to fill in one application and help one person understand your home loan goals and needs.

We have a panel of banks and lenders at our fingertips - you will only need to complete one application to get access to them. 

How Much Does a Mortgage Broker Cost?

We mostly get paid a commission by a bank or lender. So, normally, there will be no charge for our service/advice. Some Mortgage Brokers, however, charge a consultation fee upfront, so it pays to check before going any further.

At Mortgage Field, we do not charge for our advice. If on the very rare occasion we need to charge for our service, we would let you know before you decide to proceed any further.

How do I Know if a Mortgage Broker is a Registered or Authorised Financial Advisor?

You can search the Financial Markets Authority website to find a Registered or Authorised Financial Advisor.

We are required to provide our own Personal Disclosure Statement outlining our services, how we get paid, who are the panel of banks and lenders we have access to, complaint procedures, etc.

Can a Mortgage Broker See Me After Hours?

A Mortgage Broker can see you during and outside normal business hours. We are not restricted by branch opening hours. A Mortgage Broker can generally meet you at your home or from their office. We also have the ability to work with you remotely if you are out of town or prefer to use our online application option through our secure online application portal. Click HERE to see.

At Mortgage Field, we only do Home Loans so you won't have to queue behind someone wanting a personal loan, insurance quote, a new account, etc, like a branch. We will come to see you at home or we can meet at our office. 

We recommend that when discussing your private financial matters, that this is done in a private setting such as at your home or in an office. A cafe, for example, may not be a suitable place where others can hear or it is difficult to hear each other.

Why should I choose Mortgage Field?

We at Mortgage Field only focus on Home Loans. Every day we breathe it, live it, talk it,  - that's all we do! 

Our specialty and focus on Home Loans makes us unique.

  • I have 25+ years banking industry experience
  • I have a significant amount of work experience within various banks such as ASB Bank, ANZ New Zealand, Westpac New Zealand, National Bank of New Zealand, and SBS Bank.
  • I have held various roles within the banking industry from back office operations, call centre, branch, business banking, and management roles at a local and national level.
  • I am passionate about finding a solution to meet your home loan needs.
  • I've worked many years making profits for the banks! I can now, being independent, help you get the gains!
  • Whether you're looking for a mortgage broker in Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Southland, or somewhere else, Mortgage Field can be of assistance. 

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