What home loans can you help me with?

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home or you want to purchase an investment property or even want to build. We at Mortgage Field can find the right home loan product to suit your home loan needs across many banks and lenders.

  • Low Deposit Home Loans with as little as 5% deposit!
  • Home Loans with 20% deposit or more
  • Investment Home Loans
  • Construction Home Loans
  • Home Loan Top Up for Renovations, Debt Consolidation
  • You have or have had bad credit
  • Business Loans for Cashflow or Asset Purchases

How can I apply?

We know you have busy lives so we have many ways of which you can apply for your home loan.

Here are some options available to you;


If you want a quicker way to know - read below.

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Free_phone.pngLike our advice, FREE phone us on 0800 300 306.


Short on time but want a rough idea?

If you just want to know roughly what you can borrow and buy before you fill in an application. We have a solution for you!

Complete the quick check form below, we will ring and take down enough info for us to come back to you with some options.

It must be said that we can only provide you a rough guide as to what you can borrow because;

  1. We have not verified any of the info you have provided and
  2. As this is a quick chat, there could be other factors which are found later in a full application that could impact your ability to borrow.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose other than an investment into knowledge.