business purpose loans

At Mortgage Field, we can help if you want to borrow against your property for a business purpose.

Why do you need the finance and what are you looking to fund? There are so many different reasons a business needs finance, and there’s often a different product for every single one. But most of them fall into these general areas. 

You want to expand

It’s not all about bigger premises, a new property or a revamp. Sometimes, you want a business purpose loan for new equipment or staff, maybe a marketing campaign to drive more sales, or diversifying your offerings. Whatever your expansion plans, a mortgage broker in NZ could have the answer. 

Putting stock on the floor

If you’re about to have a busy period, you need enough inventory, so you’ll need to buy it before you can sell it and generate the income. The right finance will ensure you’re ready. Get in touch to find out what options are available for your unique financial situation. 

Keeping up cash flow

It’s more than simply a cash injection. You might get finance for equipment or inventory to preserve the funds you already have in the bank. You can even get finance based on the invoices you’ve already sent to clients. 

Brand new equipment

Equipment or vehicle loans can help preserve cash flow while also helping to generate new income with a new asset. There are also possible tax benefits, and lenders often consider the asset as the collateral, so you don’t need to secure it against any personal property. Why not get in touch with your local mortgage broker to find out whether this option suits you? 

Tax Arrears

We have lenders that could look to repay your tax arrears and get you back you on track with your tax obligations. Tax doesn't have to be complicated. Let's chat. 

Your bank has said NO or NOT YET?

If your current business lender/bank has said no or not yet, then contact us. We can be a part of the solution, not the problem. A 'no' from one bank doesn't mean no from all banks.